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Dr Jean-Luc Ayoun

Dr. Ayoun Jean Luc, practiced Chinese medicine and crystallotherapy for 30 years.

Over the past few years, the focus of Jean-Luc Ayoun's work has been to help each one do their own "Translation" without needing masters, gurus or rituals / practices. With it we learn to transcend the various "I's" and thereby allow the Intelligence of Light or the Truth to be the conductors of our lives, so that the moment of the individual or collective "Great Event" comes, the process unfolds in the most smooth and fluid.

It gives new meaning to the word "spirituality"! Because in recent years the "fashion" of Spirituality has dragged people from a belief system to a more modern or convenient one without it promoting the liberation that so many desire, because all these practices create the illusion of a better future, that is they keep us stuck in the Time dimension, which is a huge illusion and trap.

So he challenges us to forget everything we've learned so far. Everything that has been useful to us, but that will not serve us any more. So that we can integrate the zero plane, the white paradise, the practice without practices, the Impersonal, the Absolute, ABBA! Because we are prior to all of this. We are prior to consciousness, we are prior to creation, because we are the creators!

At the same time, it developed a bioelectronic measurement system (impedancemetry) coupled with the most modern neuroscientific data (neuro-ethology and neuro-theology) (

Medium and channel, communicated a set of texts (about 120,000) from 2008 to 2018, in which the objective is to direct the human being towards the supra-mental and towards a new paradigm, texts that can be consulted at www.autresdimensions .org and The same work is translated into several languages, in Portuguese you can consult the blog

This work focused essentially on the deconstruction of values and beliefs that block the true manifestation of love in each one, leading us to become more and more aware of the mistakes and self-boycotts that each human being carries in him and that impels him to enslave to illusory and manipulative concepts and paradigms.

Each channeled text, each realized Satsang, served as true deconstructors of consciousness based on the "common" mental. Allowing all who are available to go through processes of profound transformation, depersonalization and de-identification with illusory concepts that only feed the dependency / manipulation matrix.

Through the work and delivery of Dr. Jean Luc Ayoun, those who accompanied him were allowed to "contact" various vibrations or intelligences, which brought teachings (which direct to the supramental) and adjustments (of consciousness) appropriate to the momentum or the state of the the awakening process of each one and always with the same purpose as to facilitate the liberation process. Not the liberation of others or the outside, but the liberation of ourselves! That is, from our Consciousness Matrix built on a dual web of vampirizing and obfuscating concepts of the essence of LOVE in its greatest expression!

It should be noted the care that Dr Jean Luc Ayoun has always taken in not allowing him to be seen as a Guru or Master to be followed, forcing each one to take responsibility and lead his own awakening process. As well as his sense of service to the Whole, having made all teaching texts available free of charge, and therefore available to everyone regardless of their financial condition.

These 10 years of deconstruction, or as it is said to empty the cup, allowed each one to be free to refill their sacred cup with a new paradigm. The paradigm of Love centered on the essence (supra mental) instead of the personality (mental).

From 2019 and after completing the path that led to liberation, he started a process of communication and transmission of a state that Dr. Jean Luc Ayoun calls RESONANCIA AGAPÈ, not only through the trips he has taken but also in groups, social networks and specialized media, using tools resulting from their experiences in AGAPÈ.

This initiative of proximity with all those who wish to live AGAPÈ, will be like a "particle accelerator" facilitating unequivocally the integration of the new paradigm.


Cristina Leandro Faria

Manager Partner da Lead Yourself | The Vanguard of Leadership  

Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Fundação do Ser Project.

She has extensive experience in several different activity sectors, resulting from her activity as a Management and Coaching Consultant.

Specialist and pioneer in Portugal in QE, QS and Integral Systemic Approach, where he has been developing several tools for expanding awareness both for organizations and for the individual public.

She considers herself an "Explorer of the Paths of Consciousness" and believes that consciousness is what keeps the person imprisoned in the illusion, be it (the consciousness) more restrictive or more expanded. And that "freedom" only happens when we allow the disintegration of the "person" within us. Because, according to Cristina, we are not the "person" or "character" of this film that is our life. We are much more than that, we are nothing or the "absolute" (according to some oriental philosophies) that originates the experience of existence.

Cristina, like a growing number of "explorers", argues that the "absolute" is the state of Agapè. Agapè is a word from the ancient Greek that represents love without form, without emotions, without beginning or end, without needs, it is ineffable and inexpressible ... It does not depend on conscience, spirituality or personal development, on the contrary, because these are all requirements / needs of the person, which act as obstacles to the Agapè state, in contrast to humility, simplicity and acceptance.

There is a path that takes us from reason to heart, and according to Dr. Jean Luc Ayoun, a defender of the Agapè state, (and that Cristina has already had the opportunity to bring Portugal to a seminar, because she has admiration for him and respect for all the discoveries he has made and shared, as well as a personal friendship) this path is called the "childhood path", in which the cornerstones are humility and simplicity.

Cristina argues that the Expansion of Consciousness is important and fundamental up to a certain moment, as it will allow to assimilate better concepts like those previously explained, but there will come a time when we will not want more answers because we will also have no questions. And only at that stage will we be ready to allow the Agapè state to awaken in us and in our lives.

Professor Amit Goswami, theoretical quantum physicist, author of several Best Sellers such as “Universo Auto Consciente”, among others, is part of the list of influencers (and personal friend) who somehow helped her to go on her exploratory path, because it was through reading and studying her books that Cristina started the path of "expanding consciousness", without being held hostage by philosophies or fads emerging from the NewAge movements.

Cristina argues that it is only when the cry of pain, fear and conflict is silent, that we can hear love.

As a result of his considerable experience as an Integral Coach, he is aware that the old existential paradigms are changing dramatically, and this wave of fear caused by the pandemic, by confinement and its consequences, will serve as exceptional catalysts to wake humanity from the state of lethargy in which is found.

People will involuntarily be confronted with their own demons or fears. Society in general will be confronted with the fragility and ephemerality of everything it believes to be safe. However, he argues that all this apparent imbalance (in the person's point of view) may, if we allow it, lead us more quickly to the Agapè state. And this is an individual choice! "We either choose pain or love!" as BIDI or NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ says

Cristina, in addition to writing several articles on this topic, has been invited to develop comprehensive diagnostic tools, with regard to the Organizational and Individual Climate, being a pioneer in this field in Portugal.

Facilitates Workshops (systemic and integrated), Seminars, Inspirational Talks and Integral Team Building. Minister Training and specific actions for entrepreneurs, managers and teams in Advanced and Disruptive Leadership. He specializes in rescuing companies, teams and projects and for this reason his services are normally requested to resolve situations in which more than "Know How" is needed. She is also a co-founder of the Fundação do Ser e Consciência em Movimento projects.